Friday, July 25, 2008

Crazy Motherfrakkers


So I don't know if you saw this news item from yesterday, but it indirectly impacted my day. You see, my mom works at the nursing home that this complete waste of air decided to kill his wife at. The victim worked at the nursing home, on the 3rd floor as a nurse's aide. My mom knew her - they weren't friends, but they said a passing 'Hello' in the hallway. The scary part was a) my mom was due to leave around the time of the shooting (3pm), & b) the woman was killed 3 cars down from my mom's car. My mom had to wait until 7pm to leave, as there were bullet casings under her car & thus was part of the crime scene. Luckily, my mom was fine (albeit quite shaken up), & so was her car (her co-worker's car, which was on the other side of her, had a bullet hole in it). Sadly, this poor woman left 2 small children, who basically lost both their parents in one stupid, crazy act. And caused one helluva mess.

As Jason so correctly pointed out, humanity sucks ass. Nobody screws with my mom; no one gets to make her cry, or be scared, or get upset. Stupid fucker should get the chair or the needle for what he did to his poor wife & kids, but OH NO we don't have that in Minnesota. Bah.

People suck.

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