Monday, June 18, 2007

Life & Death

So here I am, innocently surfing Myspace (yeah, I know, I'm a little too old for it, move on), when I decide to stop over to my high school alumni page. I'm wandering around, looking for anyone I know, when I stumble over someone's page. I think I recognize him, so I pop on his page for a second. That's when it hits me - his "headline": "In honor and memory of Corporal Nick Polizzotto, South Bend PD, shot in the line of duty 4-24-07". I had to sit for a minute just rereading it. I knew Nick. I was at his wedding, & I was at Michele (his widow's) bachelorette party. His mom was one of my English teachers in High School. This isn't right. So I head over to the South Bend Tribune website & search for something on this. Sure enough, I find his obit. I can't believe it. It was just a couple months ago that I found out another classmate, who I didn't know quite as well, also a SB Police officer, was killed in the line of duty a year ago. This is incredible. It's always so sad when someone so young dies, & we know it's coming for all of us, but it doesn't lessen the shock. Both these guys were funny, really cool guys in HS. Scott was the jock, but he never pretended he was better than anyone else. He was just a regular guy. And Nick, even tho his mom was a teacher, was a total clown. He always tried to make you laugh. He & Michele just "fit".

So to these two brave, funny, honorable guys - we will remember you. May you rest in peace.

Corporal Nick Polizzotto

Corporal Scott Severns