Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ohhhhh... the weather outside is:

FUCKING RIDICULOUS! Welcome back to the horrors of Minnesota winter! I guess it could be worse - we could be in Moorehead or Fergus Falls, where not only is it snot-freezing cold, but they have a honest-to-god blizzard going on right now. I personally have not ventured outside the comfort of my jammies & house today, but The Hubby informs me that it SUCKS outside. He went to the gym at like 1:30 & it was 37 degrees - by the time he came home the wind had picked up, & things were flash-freezing. Did I mention I was glad I didn't go out today? :) So now I'm starting to dread the drive in tomorrow - here's to hoping MnDOT gets off their lazy asses & throws some salt on the roads.

On the upside, the Vikes are WINNING!!! WHOOT WHOOT! And it's d- 26 days until Sun & FUN in Mexico!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

How odd.

So on my way home this evening, I stopped at Davanni's to get a pizza. While waiting for said pizza, I passed the time scanning the Strib & came across this article. The thing that caught my attention was that in the paper copy, the subheadline said "...his common law wife said." Now, why on earth was it necessary to point that out? Perhaps some of my more literary friends who read this can unboggle my feeble, Indiana-edjamakated mind.

** Note that the online article called her "his girlfriend".

Ah well. Other than this random observation, not a whole lot going on. Turkey Day was good, the day after fun, the Hubby's mother is insane, but all in all it was a pretty good start to the "holiday season". Onward toward Christmas!